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The First Presbyterian Church of Harrisville had a long history in the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A   Records of Erie Presbytery show that Robert Lee was ordained and installed as pastor of Amity and Big Spring Churches on June 26, 1801. These churches later became the First Presbyterian Church of Harrisville.  (Another source indicates that the First Presbyterian Church of Harrisville was composed of some members from Big Spring — now West Unity — and Amity, both of which still exist today.  

Rev. Lee is buried in the old Rocky Springs Cemetery on Route 58 east of Harrisville which was the cemetery for West Unity Church before the church was relocated to its present site.)  A place of worship was erected in Harrisville in 1836.    A larger building was built in 1889, which was still used by the First Presbyterian Church in 1936.

The organizing meeting of Faith Church in Harrisville was held in the local high school building on August 5, 1936. A large majority of the congregation of First Presbyterian Church, including seven of the nine elders, had voted to join the new denomination. The rolls were left open for charter membership until November 12.  By that date the total had reached 75.   

At the first worship service in the high school building on July 5, 1936 the Rev. Robert L. Atwell preached on II Corinthians 6:17. Worship services were held in the high school until the congregation occupied its own building.    Prayer meetings were held in homes of members.

In August the Grove City Reporter-Herald published, over the signatures of the pastor, elders, and deacons, a news item regarding the organization of the new congregation, together with the actions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. which led up to the decision to leave that body. On August 16, the seven elders who had left the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and newly elected deacons were ordained and installed. On October 16, 1936 ground was broken for the building of a house of worship on a lot donated by deacon F.F.Karns.  

A ground­ breaking service was held on October 19, 1936. The building was erected with much volunteer labor and donated materials.  On January 31, 1937 the first worship services were held in the new building.  Bathrooms and Sunday School rooms were added in 1956. The indebtedness of $3,000.00 was paid off within four years.

By action of the 1951 General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church,  Faith Church was placed under the juristiction of the Presbytery of Ohio.  

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