Pennsylvania Law, where Churches are now required to have on file by July 1st the following clearances listed below for all volunteers who work with minors under the age of 18.

This includes but not limited to Teacher and Helpers for the following: Sunday School, Bible School, Youth Group, Nursery Duty, Christian Studies Group, Outreach Groups, Youth Camps and Bible Study Groups.

The Session has asked that these Clearances (or copies) be given to the Church Secretary Erin Speer who will collect and file them in the sessions locked File Cabinet.  Each Clearance will cost $10.00 and can be reimbursed by the church.

If you have a current clearance, just make a copy and give to Erin to place on File.

These Clearance can be completed On-line or Paper form with the links provided below:

PA Child Abuse History Clearance On-line   -or-  Paper Form
Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check:   On-Line   -or-    Paper Form